WOWS Goodies


I rarely type anything about WoWS but as I was updating my GPU, this ad popped:


For those interested.

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WOWS Goodies

17 thoughts on “WOWS Goodies

  1. Steve Garvey says:

    what did you buy? I got a GTX960 (EVGA GTX 960 04G-P4-3967-KR 4GB) two months ago and it runs my 27″ monitor at max settings @ 45-60fps.

  2. Thomas says:

    Are you buying 2 x 950 cards or? I didn’t think gamers bought less than the 70 series and thats usually not enough for dedicated gamers…

  3. SomeGuy says:

    Looking at the Terms and Conditions on their site, it’s an invite code. Move along people, there’s nothing to see here…

  4. Hunter_Steel says:

    Rita, maybe you should get someone to help post about WoWS, considering that we who play generally have to wait to see what the Devs, if the Devs will tell us anything. And they rarely do.

    1. I usually put on the blog stuff about the games I’m interested and I was never a big fan of ships but I did enjoyed WoWS until they nerfed both my favorite ships, Minekaze and Cleveland.

      1. tuberaider says:

        Try the improved Minekaze, aka the Fujin (aka Kamikaze and Kamikaze R). One more turret, and decreased detectability. Put a 15 pt captain in it (with concealment expertise) and start clubbing seals. Seriously, try it.

      2. All ship stats pages (incl. Wiki) do the same ‘mistake’ and include the 3% bonus of the free camo into the detectability values of all premium ships. Minekaze with camo (and no one would ever play any dd without camo) has exactly the same 6 km.

  5. Liam Gavaghan says:

    I got a free copy of rainbow six siege with the upgrade to my 970 last Christmas. Much fun iv’e had with it, and not a dollar spent!

  6. exalt says:

    The thing about it is that it’s fifty-dollars worth of (nobody knows what)… according to the MSI offer page( it’s supposedly stuff worth $50, but only 2000 dubloons(worth about $10). No offense Rita but this seems like a pig in a poke, it’s only about $10 of dubloons which we specifically know we will get. The rest will probably be like flags, prenium consumables, a few days of premium time, maybe some t2 or t3 ship. I don’t really feel the true worth will be even close to $100. I don’t even know anyone who plays warframe anymore so I don’t even have anyone to give that $50(1000 platinum ingame-credits) to. I think I’d rather wait for someone to post in the Wows forums as to exactly what is being given out. Thanks for letting us know though.

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