WoWs: Happy New Year, Commanders!

Another year has come and gone, and the World of Warships fleet has swelled and is sailing strong! As we do every December, we’d like to take a moment to wish you—our players—a happy holiday season in the company of your loved ones, and to thank you for the countless action-packed battles we’ve fought together throughout the outgoing year. Without you to command history’s mightiest warships, our game would merely be a calm sea dotted with tranquil islands!

2019 saw us take to the skies from British aircraft carriers, set new water speed records aboard French destroyers, fight off fuel-hungry bandits in the grim world of the Post Apocalypse, and welcome a new nation—Europe—to the Tech Tree, amongst other things! We hope that you’ve enjoyed every moment of it as we have, and hope to meet you again in 2020, either on—or beneath—the high seas!

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WoWs: Happy New Year, Commanders!

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