WoT Supertest| Swedish Tier IX Premium Heavy

The now usual Forum announcement.

Today’s the day for a new challenger to enter the Supertest fray: the Strv K, a Swedish Tier IX heavy.

With a British Centurion turret attached to a Swedish Kranvagn hull, it’s very much a hybrid vehicle. The Strv K is outfitted with a modified 105-mm L7 gun, capable of dealing an average of 390 damage points with a single shot. The standard APCR round can go through 249 mm of enemy armor, and the special APCR round can penetrate 298 mm. The gun’s accuracy (0.35) and its aiming time (1.8 seconds) is rather noteworthy too. The Strv K takes 10.6 seconds to reload and has a decent view range of 400 m.

What isn’t decent for a heavy, it’s the new hero’s hull protection: the Strv K has only 90 mm of armor at the front so be careful what you expose to an enemy. The turret is way sturdier, with up to 254 mm of armor; together with a gun depression of –10 degrees, this hints at a certain playstyle. The HP pool of the Strv K is neither great nor terrible (1,850 points) but its specific power (14.9 hp per tonne) and top speed (40 km/h) are both close to the ‘great’ part of the spectrum.


The dynamics of the Strv K allow it to occupy great firing positions early (ideally those covering its softer areas). The turret armor and the gun depression make it possible for the Swede to excel at terrain-based play—with stable damage output thanks to its reliable gun.

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WoT Supertest| Swedish Tier IX Premium Heavy

12 thoughts on “WoT Supertest| Swedish Tier IX Premium Heavy

    1. 0gungrave0 says:

      The Cent and Caern turrets look quite similar but this is indeed the Caern turret but with more flair stuff added to it.

      1. 1) there’s no such thing as a Caernarvon turret
        2) the FV221 was equiped with a Centurion Mk.2 turret (stock turret in WoT)
        3) Sweden did not operate Caernarvons, why would they think of mounting a “Caernarvon turret” on the chassis of the Kranvagn if they had Centurions laying around
        4) the Centurion Mk.III turret retained the same design as the Mk.II but replaced the 17pdr with the 20pdr fully stabilized, that became the standard turret for the succeeding variants, including the 20 or so Caernarvon Mk.II, and I believe it was from the Mk.III onwards that the stowage basket was first introduced
        5) Sweden operated Mk.IIIs and Mk.Vs

  1. I would love to see “historical” documentation for this tank. Mockup? Technical drawing? At least a napkin sketch by somebody who is not even involved in a tank design?

    1. Its WoT so there is a good chance WG pulled this one out of their ass and simply frankentanked a Caernarvon turret on to an Emil II hull. A good way to measure stuff is cross reference what tanks War Thunder has with what WoT has. War Thunder prefers to keep things to stuff that had prototypes built or at the very least testbed models.

      1. So, i was right – the “Strv K” in WoT is based on a napkin sketch, made by somebody who is not even involved in tank design, before that somebody went to work for the competing company. Even the fictional naming “Personally, I have dubbed this vehicle the K tank” was kept. And even so, it is more historical that some other tanks in WoT.

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