WoWs: Update Audio Hotfix


A patch to fix the audio was uploaded overnight.

With update 0.8.8 we improved most of the sound environment in the game. Unfortunately, not everything went smoothly, and with the change, a few bugs crept in. In we will fix these sound bugs so that you can enjoy the roar of the guns again.

List of fixes:

  • Fixed an error that caused the message about the destruction of a ship to be repeated if a unique commander is assigned to the player’s ship;
  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect functioning of the sound settings.
  • Fixed an error that caused the engine start sound to playback after closing the tactical map;
  • Fixed a bug that caused AA defense and secondaries sounds to incorrectly play whilst controlling a squadron;
  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect functioning of the Azur Lane audio modification.
  • Changes in the transmission of sound through space of enemy and friendly shots. The sounds of the shots will now play correctly depending on the distance of the sound source;
  • The volume of the fire alarm has been reduced;
  • The sound of the ship’s horns has been adjusted;
  • Adjusted the sound for voice announcements about hits when using the artillery camera to track shells;

Sound Adjustment Tips

If you want to customize the music and sounds according to your preferences, we’d like to give you some tips on how to do it better.

The main volume sliders are located on the left side of the Audio settings window:

  • General volume level – manages all sound in the game;
  • SFX volume – manages all sounds except music and voice messages.

There are several sliders on the right side of the Audio settings window for “fine-tuning” the sound.

  • Gunfire volume – in the range from 100% to 50% adjusts the volume of your ship’s shots, and in the range from 50% to 0% adjusts the volume of all shots in the game. This slider also adjusts the hit volume;
  • Engine sounds – in the range of 100% to 80% regulates the volume of “low-frequency knocking” in the engine sound. In the range of 80% to 0% adjusts the overall volume of the engines.

In order to adjust the sound perfectly, you should start with the General volume and SFX volume, and then adjust it in detail with the other sliders.

Please note: if the volume level is reduced to a minimum, it is possible that a category of sound will be muted because very quiet sounds are not a priority for the game sound system.

We also advise you to pay attention to the parameter “Wide dynamic range”. This option is enabled for all players by default. Turning it off will minimize the difference in volume between the loudest and the quietest sounds in the game.

We recommend you disable this setting in the following cases:

  • If you are using a laptop or other device with built-in speakers;
  • If you don’t think the sound in the game is balanced enough, even after “fine-tuning” the volume.

When disabling this option, be sure to set the sliders on the right side of the settings menu to maximum volume.

Additional Bug Fixes

  • Ohio:  Reload time of main caliber guns lowered from 30 to 27.5 s.
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WoWs: Update Audio Hotfix

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