WoWS- Wait for Me

Hello everybody,

While WoWS related content isn’t normally covered here, WG EU put up this video for International Peace Day.


The narration is based off of the poem “Wait for Me” by Russian poet Konstantin Simonov.

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WoWS- Wait for Me

11 thoughts on “WoWS- Wait for Me

  1. abusemtex says:

    Even though war related games are very popular through out the whole history of video gaming, it’s allways good to remember that there are no spare lifes in reality.

    1. abusemtex says:

      “Dinitij, go get three more men an carry torpedos to starboard tubes!”
      “But captain, everyone on ship including you is heavily drunk – we should not carry explosives…!”
      “Dimitrij – that was direct order from captain! Do as I told you!”


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