WZ-131G FT Supertest Stats

Supertest stats for the Chinese Tier 6 tank destroyer.

Tier: 6

Hit Points: 550

Weight: 20.660t

Engine Power: 430hp

Power to Weight: 20.81 hp/t

Speed: +50/-18 kph

Hull Traverse: 36 deg/sec

Gun Traverse: 41.7 deg/sec

Terraine Resistance: 1.005/1.324/2.014

Hull Armor: 35/20/??mm

View Range: 350m

Signal Range: 600m


Gun: 122mm D-25TG FT

Damage: 390/390/530

Penetration: 175/250/61

Accuracy: 0.412

Reload: 11.507 sec.

Aim Time: 2.78 sec.

DPM: 2033.6

Depression: -5 deg.


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WZ-131G FT Supertest Stats

11 thoughts on “WZ-131G FT Supertest Stats

  1. Charcharo says:

    Which is OK… somewhat.
    Finally a tier 10 SU-122-44/54 will exist lol. The 263 is not bad, but it is… not really a 122-44 or 122-54.

    Which reminds me how silly Wargaming were. They could have used the SU-122-44 with an unlockable gun at tier 8, had the SU-101 Uralmash as a premium tier 7 or 8, have the 122-54 after the 122-44 and even used BS “Panzer 7” meme magic to fake a SU-130-62/SU-130-54 at tier 10.

    1. Sure a TD with crazy dpm, almost impenetrable armour, good mobility overall, excellent accuracy and penatration is not comparable with the 122-44 and 122-54 when this both ones dont neither have armour and accuracy. The 122-54 for example, its just good in paper because is an really mediocre tank.

      1. Charcharo says:

        The 263 with its open top, pathetic gun depression, pathetic gun arc and awkward to use back-mounted citadel… well it is not a bad tank actually but overpowered it is not.

        The point isnt what is OP or UP, it is to keep a consistent line.

  2. dddzxc says:

    Shameful fake tank made KZW and by wg.
    In fact, the 89 type of TD was originally designed to be a type 62 chassis with a mid mounted combat room . I think it’s better to create fake tank on this base。

  3. Jake says:

    Kind of tired of this naming scheme. Can we please Call it something other than a WZ-131G? I don’t have a problem with the WZ-###. It’s just that we already have a 131. And didn’t the light tanks bring another 131? Or did we just get a bunch of 132s?

  4. Patata Caliente says:

    Looks like we’ll be getting the fantasy Chinese TD tree in all servers after all. If they are as much “fun” as the tanks from the Obj. 263 tree I will mostly free-XP through the tree.

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