WZ-132-1 Stats and Screenshots

Stats and screenshots for the recently announced Tier 10 Chinese light tank, WZ-132-1:


Tier: 10

Hitpoints: 1500

Engine: 580 hp

Weight: 25,000

Power-to-weight: 23.20 hp/t

Maximum speed: 64/23 km/h

Hull traverse: 50 deg/s

Turret traverse: 41.7 deg/s

Terrain Resistance: 0,671/ 0,767/ 1,534

Viewrange: 410m

Radio range: 782.1m

Hull armor: 50/25/?

Turret armor: 200/160/?


Gun: 105 mm L7A3C

Damage: 390/390/480

Penetration: 246/280/53mm

Gun: 105 mm 62-100T

Damage: 320/320/420

Penetration: 215/265/50


DPM: 2711.4

ROF: 6.952

Reload: 8.63s

Accuracy: 0.403

Aim: 1.92s

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WZ-132-1 Stats and Screenshots

19 thoughts on “WZ-132-1 Stats and Screenshots

  1. So another wonderful mid 60’s tank for the poorbies in their Tier 8 WW2 tanks to try and fight. Well done Wargaming. You have lost the whole plot of what the game was supposed to be about in the first place.

  2. dddzxc says:

    This is fabricated by shameless WG.Its body comes from type 62-1 and CHINA didn’t have 105L7 untill 1978.Then WG made up the name WZ132-1.As a Chinese player,I’m angry at WG’s behavior.In fact ,China has a more historical Lv10 LT candidate.I’m going to call to account WG by Email.

  3. Cameron MacLean says:

    As a console player, I know I’ll have to wait like, 100 years to get this…. But I’m hyped af! I love my WZ-131; and I feel like I’m going to enjoy the WZ-132. I love the light-tanks-that-play-like-medium tanks like the Chinese and French autoloaders. I’m so stoked to hopefully have this (And the AMX-13/105) in my garage soon-ish

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