18 thoughts on “WZ-132-1 Video

  1. sturmi0545 says:

    first thought: a quite unspectacular video.
    second thought: this must be actual ingame action gameplay, with all the passive scouting and camera whirling around your tank while getting bored doing so 😀

  2. dddzxc says:

    This is fabricated by shameless WG.Its body comes from type 62-1 and CHINA didn’t have 105L7 untill 1978.Then WG made up the name WZ132-1.As a Chinese player,I’m angry at WG’s behavior.In fact ,China has a more historical Lv10 LT candidate.I’m going to call to account WG by Email.

    1. Fischkrapfen says:

      to be fair, the type 62 was also called wz 132, so wz 132-1 technically means type 62-1, but i agree with you on the gun fact

      1. dddzxc says:

        The mechanical -drive WZ132 and hydraulic-transmission WZ132 can become the Lv9 Lt and the Lv10 Lt.On the other hand,On the other hand, armor enhanced WZ132 can also act as a Lv10 LT.Armor enhanced WZ132 has been mentioned by historian in Chinese forum.I’ve seen it in the tech tree made by player.A WZ132 that has different size and differert design is mentioned in this web site.
        I think itis the armor enhanced WZ132.You can read it if you can open the page and understand。

    2. PzBarkhorn says:

      Also, the Type 62-I was developed after the Sino-Vietnamese war, in 1979. It could (i said COULD) have received the 105L7, but is totally out of the time limit for WoT tanks.

      1. dddzxc says:

        It is true.If WG names it type 62-1 and gives it a historical description,It only has a unhistorical gun for balance like Tiger and IS-4.According to the tradition of WG,It will have a fake name and hai a False time(1960s)like 121B.It is terrible.

      1. Fischkrapfen says:

        I mean type 62 is both wz 131 and 132 (btw the long 88 was planned to be used on the Tiger 1 but as soon as the tiger 2 was produced it became irrelevant)

      2. Fischkrapfen says:

        Wz132 is just an uparmored wz131 and it never did go into mass production so it would have been a type 62x more likely (but who the fuck cares the german LT is way cooler 😀 i mean a L7 variant + 440m view range cmon, china can go home 😀 no offense though)

      3. dddzxc says:

        Don’t think WZ132 is just an improved WZ131 because WZ132 looks like WZ131。Their design is much different。If WZ132 is just an improved WZ131,it will have a name such as WZ131-2、WZ131a/b,like WZ131-1(it is not type 62-1).I think the German Lv10 LT is OP and I am interested in T-100 because Its appearance is very interesting.In the other hand,I wish the WZ132-1 go home and a more historical Lv10 lt replaces it.

      4. Fischkrapfen says:

        Sources like wikipedia (yeah i know its bullshit but anyway) and wot wiki (which really has some accurate infos) state, that its really just an improved type62, t-100 will be kinda mediumish i think ^^ amx will definitely suck and im not sure about sheridan pilot, i mean its just a bigger t49 with the option of mounting a bad l7 variant and what pisses me off is, that its only the pilot variant -.-

      5. dddzxc says:

        I just checked the English version of Wikipedia found this sentence:“the Chinese developed several tanks including the Type 59, Type 62, and Type 63 variants.”It may be that you think WZ132 is just a modified type 62。In fact, many systems of the WZ132 are redesigned like walking systems, power systems, guns , body, rather than just 62 above the system upgrade products.At the same time, the modified 62 type is WZ131-1。

      6. Fischkrapfen says:

        German Wikipedia actually calls the type 62 wz 132, but its Wikipedia so we dont know what is actually right ^^ nevertheless great tank irl, kinda powercreeped in wot

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