WZ-132A Supertest Stats

Full stats for the upcoming Tier 9 Chinese light tank.


Tier: IX
HP: 1250
Engine Power: 580
Weight: 19.3 t
Power-to-Weight ratio: 30.05
Speed: + 64 /-23 kph
Hull Traverse: 46°/s
Turret Traverse: 41.7°/s
Terrain Resistance: 0.767 / 0.863 / 1.726
Hull Armor: 35/20/20 mm
Turret Armor: 45/30/20 mm
View Range: 420 m
Signal Range: 782.1 m

Cannon: 100mm 62-100T
DMG: 320/320/420
Penetration: 215/265/50 mm
DPM: 2,567
Rate of fire: 8.022
Reload: 7.479 sec
Accuracy: 0.403
Aim Time: 2.21 sec
Depression/Elevation: -5 °/+20 °

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WZ-132A Supertest Stats

15 thoughts on “WZ-132A Supertest Stats

  1. Rombat says:

    accuracy will suck for all the lights…maybe the german one will be better because wg don’t want future sniping scouts….

  2. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    Will personnal missions stay unchanged for lights after the new ones are added ?

    Also I cant decide myself which one I should go for. I’m not a very good LT driver, I like to play them as attack tanks to finish isolated targets (that’s why I love the T71 most) but I’d like to learn a regular scout role.
    Anyone could advise me a line ? Just not the T49 line, I finished it and the derp style isnt for me, I ended up playing it with the stock gun, which I quite liked but in the end it was just an Ru251 with no AP and that goes slower so not too interesting.

    1. Fianii NA says:

      T49 isnt good for scouting IMHO. Relatively poor camo, poor mobility and a gun that forces you to be overly cautious or dangerously reckless.

      Would recommend the Chinese line for the good camo (second only to the Frenchies) good mobility (though top speed is not, well, top, and reliable non gimmicky guns. 59-16 and Chinese Stuart excluded on the last part. Though coming from the American line you will need to get used to having Soviet depression (-5).

      Would also recommend Type 64 the next time it is on sale. Good top speed will get you to spotting positions faster, and dealing with Russian Heaves and T9’s will teach you kiting while self spotting for the former and the subtleties of holding fire for the latter, you won’t have an excuse like the T49s 152mm HE to try to derp everything you see instead of doing scouting. Also useful for Strongholds and CW, and will train your Chinese crew and make bank.

    2. Ru-251: Fastest in straight line. Gun has good DPM+pen but shell velocity is shit. Compared to its amazing speed it turns like a boat. No armor at all.

      AMX-13-90: Great camo, decent speed, has a clip. Gun handling and pen (unless gold spam) is totally shit.

      T-54 Ltwt: Has turret armor. Actually pretty fast. Gun handling decent, pen is only 175 but workable. Good for “battle scout”, but actually servicable for traditional scout role.

      WZ-132: Armor is only enough for some lucky bounces and not getting penetrated by some HE. All rounder great at everything else (better gun handling and shell velocity, amazing traverse). Best at doing everything that scout needs to do, practically a jack-of-all-trades.

      T49: Good for some derp trolling time but not for anything else.

  3. I hope the option for the old WZ-132 old guns would be still there. It’s the most comfy gun out of all lights, which makes it + best agility combo making the best light tank for pub battle imho.

    The next thing: Since every tanks got uptiered, would we get this thing insteqd of practically downtiered? Or maybe getting both? Lol

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hull Armor: 35/20/20 mm
    Turret Armor: 45/30/20 mm

    so the tier 9 gets less hull and turret armour than the current tier 8 WZ-132… makes sense

  5. Cpt_Hacks says:

    For me this thing looks superior to the others. Best gun, best power to weight, best viewrange… Or it’s gonna get some terrible gun dispersion values like 0.25 on the move.

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