Yet another new Author

Hello, I’m Mizutayio.

As some of you might know: I have written articles for RsR in the past. I’m a swiss historian and responsible for the swiss tech tree.

I will be supporting Rita with her blog and posting various historical articles.


Have a nice Day

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Yet another new Author

16 thoughts on “Yet another new Author

  1. ndiver says:

    Great to see you here Mizutayio 🙂 I hope to read soon new articles about Swiss tanks. Are there new information concerning Swiss heavies?

  2. Andy says:

    Hi, Mizutayio & Rita , I’m a little bit confused in here. You talk about sweden tech tree that was previously announced or the swiss tech tree?


  3. It’s going to be fun reading what you write Mizutayio, since you’re responsible for the swiss tree, what are your thoughts on the current tree? historical accuracy and role on the battlefield kind of stuff. I’m curious for first hand opinions.

  4. Mathew says:

    I have to say I don’t share the hate of artillery. Many of the criticisms are subjective and present a bad culture, rather than anything constructive.

    For example
    Do Russian heavies require more skill to play than an arty? Does it really matter?
    Do TD’s that hide up in the back hiding behind a bush require more skill to play than an arty? Again, does it really matter?

    I say this as one that occasionally plays an arty, and as a heavy tank driver that has on occasion had my tank destroyed by an enemy arty in 1 shot before I even fire a shot.

    World of tanks is a team game. To win you require many talents, and those talents working cohesively. Don’t scapegoat. Besides you need some sort of tank that can flush out enemy tanks with superior frontal armour that is in a well fortified position.

    This is ‘world of tanks’, not ‘world of invincible heavy tanks on safari’.


  5. Jochen C. says:

    Hi Mizutayio

    Welcome aboard! I am actually pretty amazed with infos on Swiss development on tanks judging that Switzerland was an Alpine country and does not have much flat plains for ideal tank operations. Were the development of Swiss tanks was due to defensive philosophy of utilizing tanks or was it a response to her neighbors developing tanks?

  6. I’ve seen that name somewhere. Are you that Mizutayio that watches Noble YTPs?
    Anyways, good luck on writing articles on Status Report and hope you have fun at the same time~ =)

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