You can Aimbot in World of Tanks


This video created by AgingJedi on Aimbots was brought to my attention:

As a TLDR, AgingJedi, who gets submitted plenty of replays from the community for his youtube videos, speaks of how he feels helpless when he receives replays of players using aimbot aka illegal mods in the game because as always the support team won’t even read the tickets they are sent in and that the automated system is clearly failing to fulfil its purpose.

While I feel AgingJedi, as for the past 2-3 years I received plenty of evidence myself. Nothing has changed and I doubt it ever will especially when it comes to the Support department.

Over a year ago the player base was promised in a statement given by the “Support’s Chief guy” that they would be improving the way they handle our tickets yet here we are, still receiving the same Copy Pasted Rat-Arsed responses by underpaid people who give no shit about their job to even care to read what’s being sent and are only there for the cheque at the end of the month and as for those in other departments who care they can’t do anything about it because it’s not their job.

I am sick and tired of listening to empty promises from the company because I don’t feel like any of them were ever truly meet, as far as Wargaming statements go nowadays, I don’t believe any of their words until I see it actually applied.

As for the deficient automated system, despite the numerous complaints from the community…

A sample of the biggest examples:

-From DezGamez, March 2017.

  • 180 500 Views

-From MisterCro, February 2016.

  • 36 440 Views.

-From MaxwellPlays, June 2016.

  • 134 639 Views

-From Lord Destronov, January 2016.

  • 163 400 Views.

-From Quickybaby, March 2016.

  • 1 107 200 Fucking views!


…You would think that the company would at least try to improve the automated system? Of course not, not even plans of doing it were announced and if they are it will be a see to believe.


While discussing this subject with the RSR’s team, Mizutayio brought a very good point, what is so depressing is that the company does have the proper tools to change things for the better but even if it’s not the case it does look like it’s passing over their heads. As many knows, Wargaming is opening a website for Mods (like this).

The best thing they could do is to ban all mods, write a script for honest mod makers which they could add to certified mods that then can be published on the website. The only people hurt in this process will be the illegal mod makers and users!


And yes, like the title says, you can aimbot in World of Tanks, they give no shits if you do. But I am not saying for you to, while I have absolutely no intent to insult people with special needs who require using mods to be able to play the game (There’s more of them than you think and for me that’s a valid reason to use them), for those who are fully articulated human beings and use these mods only for pure exploitation, I can only hope your spermatozoa festered gonococci rectum cavity gets barged in by a well-engorged prickly cactae.

Viktor K. said in an interview “We realize that World of Tanks can last forever (…) But we have to prepare for a very long winter. The winter is coming, and it will not go away.” and he is very right, to be honest, it is surprising the numbers World of Tanks is pulling after all these years, yet actions -or the lack of them in this case- like these will only make that winter arrive faster!

Wargaming’s -almost like- policy of wiping the dirt under the carpet can only make me think of one catch phrase:

-“Not making a decision is a BIG decision.” – Negan, TWD

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You can Aimbot in World of Tanks

58 thoughts on “You can Aimbot in World of Tanks

  1. SElars says:

    Why aimboting?
    Its just… stupid. The game is all about shoting, angling, knowhow.. and flanking.. Why not playing the same game as all the others?
    Go play CS if U want to cheat.
    How can you enjoy a game when U dont play it?

      1. flint74 says:

        Except just like Wargamings automated systems, Valves VAC ban system is next to hopeless, and barely a deterent to anything, simply because avoiding being banned by VAC while continuing to actively cheat, particularly in CS, is almost absurdly easy to do.

        And most of those CS players who are so utterly determined to cheat will do so anyway, regardless of the ban risk, because fairly frequently they’ll just be using a disposable account, and so if they do eventually get caught on that account then they’ll simply go make/steal/’buy’ another account and continue from where they left off.

        The simple fact of the matter is that purely automated detection and punishment systems in MMO’s, like those employed by Valve and Wargaming, are essentially almost completely worthless and not really fit for purpose, and the sooner ALL online games developers get their heads out of the sand and realise this simple fact and begin adding a proper amount of the human element back into the whole detection and punishment process, the better online gaming will increasingly become.

        Because until that change happens, there will always be cheaters, and thus this discussion will endlessly continue, and nothing will ever, ever, change.

    1. MTG says:

      but people who use aimbot are playing the game, the same way like most of others do.
      I was using all the mods I could find when the EU WG official position was “use what you want”.
      And as I was playing in CW in the biggest alliance of clans on server at that time I know that the day after the patch or CW players had full pack – tundra, aimbot, OTM reload, destructables. They simply had to, as it was certain opponents have them too.

      So the only thing working is to allow to use all mods, only then you have level playing field. Or to disallow all mods that are not a part of standard client.

      I don’t really care for that as I never expected WG to do anything that would work in that matter

    2. Reflection says:

      >The game is all about shoting, angling, knowhow.. and flanking
      That’s not true. All of those things can be learned and mastered very easily, but aiming is something that really depends on the person and it’s something that not everyone can perfect. At the highest levels, every single shot counts.

  2. Be Done with All Mods World of Tanks! says:

    One easy fix… do NOT allow any MODs into the game. Simple and be done with it, and having said that, I do enjoy using the LEGAL mods from Aslains.

    1. Not allowing mods (are removing the res_mods folder like some others have suggested) will NOT fix this issue. People can still directly change and modify the original game files and achieve the same thing. Like they have before they introduced the res_mods folder. Until they implement some form of crc check or hashed security on their game files, nothing they implement will help.

      1. Anonymous says:

        ^ yup. and even doing crc check on files is not enough, things can get hooked/injected inside/outside of the game as well. removing res_mods does not fix this problem. cheaters can mid function hook d3d/opengl nvidia/amd drivers etc. you can’t trust anything that happens clientside.

    2. DickHerMax says:

      With WG’s way of implementing features (slow as possible, to only create the illusion of progress) this game without mods would die. I would spend half an hour a month just to look for the damn crew or the equipment. With Auto Return and Auto Equip I just switch tanks and hit Battle.
      WG would have to totally reinvent the UI & User Experience before banning mods. Even today there are 4 generations of UI just in the garage, and the new mission screen is confusing AF and does not contain personal missions, they are is yet another place.

    3. only one problem…Aslain has the mod that lets you lock on the tank without chatching it in your crosshair…..or it used to have……I haven’t used it in over a year

  3. Blitz uses an autoaim that leads your shots for you, basically what most aimbots do.

    It doesn’t lock on to tanks behind anything or out of sight.

    It also doesn’t hit weak spots.

    However being able to hit a speeding tank at full throttle never sucks if you don’t need to lead.

  4. No_Quarter says:

    guys, you gotta understand that WoT is F2P game.
    As such it depends on customers paying real money for features.
    Cheaters also pay, cheaters pay for “good” cheats monthly and they pay for premium, WG wins.

    Now, we already realized that WG does not intend to make the game really better, most stuff are half-assed and barely balanced features.
    If you take that politic, do they really want to ban cheats?
    Of course they don’t, they will ban few thousand players every few months or so just to look like they are fighting cheats but I personally know about people who cheat for years and they have not been banned.
    Hell, WG could be selling cheats under some other name, it wouldn’t be the first case in gaming industry as there are cheat-packs that require you to run premium account.

    MisterCro sounds all surprised about aimbot and he was in RED_S where everyone uses that, that clan is whole made out of warpack and if you can somehow enter their teamspeak (or hack it) you will find those cheats in download folder.

    Also streamers are using those, I will not call names but there are some shady things.
    There is a way to stream the game clean while having cheats in overlay.
    You can google about that and you will see a guy who messed up while alt-tabbing from H1Z1 and got caught.
    Some E-Sport players (real e-sport, not e-joke from WG) talked that there are some mouses with cheats within them. That really sounds like a crazy shit but you gotta understand that prize pool is huge for tournaments so people find the way.

    There is money in those things and WG wan’t their cut so even if they really introduce feature where you will be able to download and install only certified mods that will not reduce cheating at all, not even by 0.1%

    1. No_Quarter says:

      downvote me as much as you like but this is a reason I left WoT, at least to play it on regular basis.
      Now I play like 5 battles per month for last few months
      I am not happy about the state either but if you compare behavior of WG to other companies that actually fight cheaters on daily basis you will notice the problem.

      Games introduce mechanism to ruin cheater’s life, if you cheat in some games it will turn up the difficulty of the game so much that it becomes unplayable.
      Some companies make isolated prison server for cheaters where you end up if you use cheats. And now you can play only against other cheaters.
      Some companies flat out delete your account, even if you paid 500$ for it.

      What WG does? says they are aware of cheats and they do nothing, aimbot is sooooooo easy to detect yet so many people are using it…. you see a guy, 48% wins, 74% hits…. not aimboting from red line at all

      1. Anonymous says:

        “What WG does? says they are aware of cheats and they do nothing, aimbot is sooooooo easy to detect yet so many people are using it…. you see a guy, 48% wins, 74% hits…. not aimboting from red line at all”

        That is sarcasm right? 74% hit ratio Isn’t remotely difficult to achieve

  5. Berto72 says:

    Near to all use at least Tundra and Fair Policy is total crap. What i hate is not only their unfair ingame advantage, but the fact that mastery badge and gun marks are hardest for who play vanilla.

  6. I’ve been saying it from the very beginning when WG announced this, that their so-called automated system was bogus. They were really only banning those stupid enough to shout their mouth of or published videos of themselves doing it (and not even that for everyone).

    1. Anonymous says:

      I think they said before that things like replay on youtube where cheat is clearly shown is not proof of someone cheating and since they have the automated system in place, they’re not going to do anything about it, so you should be fine cheating and streaming it no problem.

      1. Oh, I know they said it, but as far as I can tell, their automated system is either really incompetent or non-existent. So, that was one of the only other ways I could think of how they could still find people to ban.

  7. peter smith says:

    I agree rita – only official mods. I’m not happy with xvm either – a cheap way of stat padding by killing the noobs…

    1. Red Hot Chili Tomato says:

      All of the ranking systems I know of are simply broken.
      A robust protocol should at least be self-referencing, so that eg a red player doing damage to a purple player gives a much larger score than vice-versa.

  8. GamingW/War says:

    Hell I know several clans that actively promote WarPack and tell you how to install it so WG can’t do anything about it. It’s a joke. I’m also tired of being stuck in a 1v1 and having them magically hit every single module or crew member as if it was nothing. That’s why I don’t like to play WoT these days… and don’t even get me started with the lack of common sense or mindless fighting in battle…

  9. I tried cheating once in CoD 2 back in it’s time, aim + wallhack. Was pure shit, took all the challenge away from me. Not gonna lie, it was fun for 1 or 2 days, but after that it’s boring shit, so I stopped. I haven’t cheated in any game since then.

    But, WoT is different than CoD 2, so I believe people use aimbot because of the grinding is present in this game, and they want to ease on it. (It’s not acceptable, but may be the reason for people using them for longer period, I don’t know.)

    Anyways, it’s WG’s fault, that they do not want to pay money to a partner company to set up a proper anti-cheat system, and they struggle with their own primitive one. Or WG should start up it’s official mod workshop asap, so the whole mod crysis is solved.

  10. Tel says:

    WG dont give a flying fuck about the players, just keep paying
    They have a slot so you can add mods , so they actually want you to use anything and everything
    Fuck the players just pay us

  11. Matthew Shine says:

    They DO ban accounts that use illegal mods…
    Just not the ones that have bought prem tanks/time/gold, because money.

  12. “while I have absolutely no intent to insult people with special needs who require using mods to be able to play the game (There’s more of them than you think and for me that’s a valid reason to use them)”

    If you’re gonna call them “special” every fucking WoT player is “special” in his/her unique little retarded way.
    Now, where are my cheats?

    Anyway, people spend thousands in virtual tanks you don’t think they spend peanuts in warpack. Time to wake fuck up. Where’s sirfoch rant on aimbotters? He only rants about meaningless shit anyway.

    1. Rita Sobral says:

      I did not called them special, I only said there are people with special needs, 2 very different things.
      I used to platoon with a kid that had cerebral palsy and he could only operate one arm, instead of sitting in the back clicking arty I swear the fucker would even take Light tanks into battles and he was better at the game than most yet not all disabilities are the same and not everyone has the same skills, some people do need aid of special mods and hardware to be able to play games. Check this guy for example:

  13. wolvenworks says:

    IMHO WoT will still stick around since it has no direct competitor. WT is a sim, so it’s a diffrent case. AW is the closest thing to a direct competitor, and it’s set on modern tanks. since there are no WW2-era tank games out there (not including WT), they don’t have any direct threat to compete with, hence the slacking around.

    remember: WT is a simulator. it attracts interest from a diffrent set of peeps who want historicity more than ease of play (WoT). sure occationally it attracts tank nuts like me who don’t really give a damn as long as i get to shoot someone with a big fucking cannon, but a casual in WoT won’t prolly do so well in WT due to the more realistic dmg modelling and spalling. in fact, i’d imagine he’d rather rage from getting oneshotted because someone knocked all his crew out in a lucky roll lol

    as to AW, it’s already self-explanatory to everyone who played it (and still do): it’s preety dull, NA server is barren, and aside from the complete lack of gold shell, it hes been essentially turned into WoT 2.0 by the russians. i guess in a way, it’s a good place to take a break and forget about WoT…but it’s not a place you’d like to hang around too long

    1. I also play both WT and AW. AW is in serious trouble of dying out and WT is completely different (some very much the same in others) in lots of areas. So yeah, there is nothing else online that even comes close…

  14. Ay_B055_Foch_U_men says:

    The moment you use mod for tank from MilkyM4n and you shakening in fear when someone witch hunting about remove mods.

  15. OrigamiChik3n says:

    My way of protesting against encompassing incompetence and blatant scorn for players by Wargaming is not to give them my money anymore. Over the years i’ve sunk hundreds of euros into this single title until i realized that my money are used to buy banks in Cyprus and party with girls for hire rather than improving the game.

    I know it’s a drop in the ocean. But one can hope that more and more players will do it. Until Wargaming finally feels the dent in their income.

  16. Frank says:

    Great article. The possibility of using illegal mods is the cancer of this game. And unfortunately the wg does little or nothing to avoid it.
    Sometimes it’s really frustrating to play and I think that I’ll just stop playing if things do not change.
    Beautiful piece of talk about customer support and tickets that are not read and automatic feedback …..
    Great Rita.

  17. Peter says:

    I agree, that WG should do a mod website and certify all mods, that like to allowe. After that, find a software which checks, if ther is any other mod…

    what I am tired of, is the discussion about using aim bot and the opinion that peolpe becomes unicum with them.

    I test as it was not forbiden. sth aroung 2012. What I learnd:

    Aim Bot
    – just simular to auto aim
    – decide if “auto aim” is on turret middle or hull
    – strength: tanks far away and on move are easy to hit. especially your are behind a bush and not able to see
    – weakness, near tanks are circle around you, not easy to hit any more
    – lot of clickering between seetings during game

    Weakspot Finder
    – mostly that what people show in their videos, and ist not an aim bot, you need a second program
    – is going from point to point of the tank
    – good if a tank is behind sth
    – mostly shit, because is all the time jumping over the tank, so that your aim circle is getting bigger, smaller, bigger…

    All in all I played during that, whit a WN8 sth around 1.600. And it is not getting better or worse with both of these programms.
    Maybe if you are a tomato, you’ll be orange or yellow while using it. but nothing else. I think to use both programs effectivly you can although learn to aim. you need the same amount of time.

    If we are really wanna talk about mods or hacks, which will brings in my point of view a bigger opportunities:
    – wall hack or sth like that, so that you are not have to look or you are dont have to care, that people are behind houses… but even dont know if this excist
    – reloadtimer with shell capacaty of autolaoder. thats what I really liked. but not so important
    – red dots for arty shells. so you can easy counter them. but if you move your are, you dont care
    – mods showing the position of tanks outside your view range.

    But a the end. The game is more than all these mods. A mod can maybe helps around 100 – 500 WN8.
    But if I look on my games nowdays. Mostly the game depends a lot on team play. Somedays you are just coming in stupid lemmingtrains, 14 team mates behind you and afraid of pushing against 2 or 3 tanks.
    People with classes defenetly on wrong positions to play the strength of a tank.

    So what ever happens I can life with. I use a come modpack. everything what is in, is good. if not I dont care.
    I still testet some mods as it was in discussion but not forbidden, just to know about what people crying all the time instead of rethinking there own gameplay.

    And for all who wanna search for illegal mods or read what the authors wrote about some creepy shit. be care full. during that time I got a virus. that after 20 years. Actually I dont know if it was some of these websites.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I suppose saying “If you cant beat them join them” then asking how and where i should get a aimbot mod is out of the question. Because the game and its fowl rng and mm is given me sh*ts.

    One way or another im glad i alt tab half the games im in. 5 years on this game is too long

  19. WhyNot says:

    Wargaming it’s a fun joke about cheating.
    Part of an answer to a ticket i sent with replay for a CLEAR 100% case of illegal mod:

    “How can you make a statement like “you are not taking care of the issue”? How would you know that? You don’t.

    There is no reason to be salty because your report is – at best – redundant.

    Also when and how a sanction happens is none of your business. There are multiple different ways to handle it and we will decide how it will happen – be it individually or in a wave ban.”

    They are so arrogant and they close the ticket without possibility to reopen it.
    The player in question is, to date, still playing.
    And YES, this is my business: I’m a customer of yours.

    My question is: should i start to use all the illegal mods?
    I will be at pair with whom use it, i will not get banned and i would not be joked about from a WG employee….

  20. Gunner says:

    If you think it is bad on the EU server wait till you go onto the Test Server, every single Russian player has an aimbot. They are far more advanced than the ones the EU players use! They also use a laser system which tells them where you are aiming at them . Wargaming will do nothing to stop this as most of the players who use them are in the top clans who contribute lots of money to them.

  21. Stormcloud says:

    Well, WG (or anyone good at coding) could actually semi-automate the process of checking replays for aimbots if they can write a replay analyzer that checks for the variances between true aim position and aimbot aims. It’s certainly doable if they refine the detection algorithm (or AI) for these variances to filter out any false positives due to network lag (which isn’t hard since they also have that information in the replay file) or any other scenarios.

    Thus, basically they can cut down the support time for any alleged cheating cases to mere seconds per replay to be analyzed. Who wouldn’t want this?

    That said, it needs a political will from the top echelons. That probabaly won’t be forthcoming as their (unofficial) policies are more laissez-faire to keep player numbers. From my POV, their efforts thus far has been mere lifting a finger to preserve public perception that they’re doing something.

  22. ohlongjohnson003 says:

    i really think that most of you ppl are just too retarded to realise that aimbot in a game like WOT wint help out nor will it make someone a better player.
    why is that ? well its quite simple, this game has many more other aspects which if you havent mastered, the aimbot you have wont be of the great use anyway since you wont position yourself good enough to get as many shots or you wont use armor as good as someone who is actually good at the game will
    also, the fact that aimbot has to deal with accuracy RNG and 25% pen RNG is enough to make it useless and you got aimbot in the game from the start of the game….. its called autoaim and if you want to remove aimbot, you might as well remove autoaim cuz its same level of retarded if you ask me…. program aiming at tanks, not you ( one just a bit advanced than the other )

    if you want to fight cheats try making the Destro mods / Tundra and such banned since those are the game changing mods which actually influence the game in every single aspect of it….. they ruin randoms / CW / SH / TB, every single mode where aimbot is just useless

  23. Anonymous says:

    Not any more. When the big (but as we know now mostly superficial) changes in what mods are allowed came in (forget when), Aslain immediately removed mods that didn’t adhere to that standard (confusing as it was for the first month or so). The Aim assist allowing activating aim-on without hi-lighting the enemy tank was one of them removed.

  24. Anonymous says:

    A few years ago Wargaming was talking about a system that uploaded your replay to their server so it didn’t save to your drive. Just imagine everyone’s replays being uploaded so you could see what the players point of view looked like?

  25. i know several clans aim botting and sharing illegal mods for clan wars skirmishes and tourneys , actually is obligatory to install them if you want to play with them they share it on ts3, i send proof to wg with recordings and pics of them sharing those just to get a shitty automated response, thats one of the things that get me out the game, having a bunch of assholes aimbotting, using minimap mods to know where is the enemy, lasers, tundra, every mod you know was shared there.

  26. Berto72 says:

    Is always a funny pleasure taking multiple perfect hits on modules by a invisible ghost sniper, thinking you are versus superpro and instead discover at the end of battles that was a meganoob 48% winrate 5000 rating… tundra / aimbot do miracles!
    Use aimbot to show good stat is like let someone else your girl to tell she had a good sex… gg clowns

  27. Jabster says:

    Yup had 4x replies about turret snap cheat, where my tank was “hit” +after hit, u then see the shell leave his gun.
    Useless wg support pricks, replied about missing camnets.

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