You can Aimbot in World of Tanks


This video created by AgingJedi on Aimbots was brought to my attention:

As a TLDR, AgingJedi, who gets submitted plenty of replays from the community for his youtube videos, speaks of how he feels helpless when he receives replays of players using aimbot aka illegal mods in the game because as always the support team won’t even read the tickets they are sent in and that the automated system is clearly failing to fulfil its purpose.

While I feel AgingJedi, as for the past 2-3 years I received plenty of evidence myself. Nothing has changed and I doubt it ever will especially when it comes to the Support department.

Over a year ago the player base was promised in a statement given by the “Support’s Chief guy” that they would be improving the way they handle our tickets yet here we are, still receiving the same Copy Pasted Rat-Arsed responses by underpaid people who give no shit about their job to even care to read what’s being sent and are only there for the cheque at the end of the month and as for those in other departments who care they can’t do anything about it because it’s not their job.

I am sick and tired of listening to empty promises from the company because I don’t feel like any of them were ever truly meet, as far as Wargaming statements go nowadays, I don’t believe any of their words until I see it actually applied.

As for the deficient automated system, despite the numerous complaints from the community…

A sample of the biggest examples:

-From DezGamez, March 2017.

  • 180 500 Views

-From MisterCro, February 2016.

  • 36 440 Views.

-From MaxwellPlays, June 2016.

  • 134 639 Views

-From Lord Destronov, January 2016.

  • 163 400 Views.

-From Quickybaby, March 2016.

  • 1 107 200 Fucking views!


…You would think that the company would at least try to improve the automated system? Of course not, not even plans of doing it were announced and if they are it will be a see to believe.


While discussing this subject with the RSR’s team, Mizutayio brought a very good point, what is so depressing is that the company does have the proper tools to change things for the better but even if it’s not the case it does look like it’s passing over their heads. As many knows, Wargaming is opening a website for Mods (like this).

The best thing they could do is to ban all mods, write a script for honest mod makers which they could add to certified mods that then can be published on the website. The only people hurt in this process will be the illegal mod makers and users!


And yes, like the title says, you can aimbot in World of Tanks, they give no shits if you do. But I am not saying for you to, while I have absolutely no intent to insult people with special needs who require using mods to be able to play the game (There’s more of them than you think and for me that’s a valid reason to use them), for those who are fully articulated human beings and use these mods only for pure exploitation, I can only hope your spermatozoa festered gonococci rectum cavity gets barged in by a well-engorged prickly cactae.

Viktor K. said in an interview “We realize that World of Tanks can last forever (…) But we have to prepare for a very long winter. The winter is coming, and it will not go away.” and he is very right, to be honest, it is surprising the numbers World of Tanks is pulling after all these years, yet actions -or the lack of them in this case- like these will only make that winter arrive faster!

Wargaming’s -almost like- policy of wiping the dirt under the carpet can only make me think of one catch phrase:

-“Not making a decision is a BIG decision.” – Negan, TWD

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