Yuri Pasholok Mini-Digest


there’s a mini-digest from Yuri Pasholok:


-Batchat 35t, is a fake or there actually existed drawings of it? -It’s a fake. The first prototype was a 12-ton and then from that they improved it into a 25-ton (Bat.-Châtillon 25 t AP), the latter was built but there are no projects for a 35-tonne.

-“There is someone who claims he has drawings of a Batchat 35t. He says he went to France and found them.” -I am still researching in the matter but I personally haven’t seen such a thing. Although wouldn’t surprise me if that was the case (that he indeed found it). I found documents of a 34 334 kg and another 35 434 kg (Arty) and under this logic, a 35-tonnes should exist.

-The Panzer III Ausf.K was planned to have a conical gun, why in-game it has a KwK L43 instead? -It was planned, the issue is that installing such a gun would require us to change other modules like the hull and tracks.

-Player complains that he knows about many French HTs that were never released from SuperTest and others that Yuri Pasholok knows of and asks, would it be possible to have an alternative full French HT line? Yuri says: We will see. Wargaming seems fairly positive about this.

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