Yuri Pasholok Snippets

We have a short KV-4 article and 2 Museum videos. The translation is by Google so live with it.

Multifaceted KV-4

The secret, why there is quite a lot of KV-4 in the WoT, is very simple. The fact is that in March 1941, J. Ya. Kotin took up the idea that in the late 1930s, when designing medium and heavy tanks, the design bureau used the experimental plant No. 185. During the development of tanks 115 and T-100 worked out several versions of the tank, which were prepared by different groups. Kotin went further and included in the development of the concept of KV-4 almost all engineers KB Design Bureau. For greater motivation, the most successful works, by agreement with the director of the Kirov plant, IM Saltsman, decided to award. In all, 27 projects were submitted for the competition. Some of them, like this one, do not even have an author, or rather, the author’s name is unknown.


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T-40 tank, At Patriot park

In this one look for tanks you know in-game in the background.

Kugelpanzer at Patriot park

My reaction to this one was What! da *****

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Yuri Pasholok Snippets

13 thoughts on “Yuri Pasholok Snippets

  1. SpottableSky says:

    I wish they can put both the KV4 and T-150 in HD because they are long overdue considering some many tanks have been remodeled into HD already.

  2. VladCelTroll says:

    Is KV4 a lot is why because everyone can to play he. With one of the goodest armor generation 8, he can sustain many shot. But there are gold bullet that negate armor. Gun is good, but not goodest. Precision is weak, as is the damage per minute. Secret why love people is not knew.

    This was translated by Google, so you gotta love him for at least trying. Didn’t “quiet” nail it but it did its job.

  3. jerryatrick53 says:

    As translations go Yuri’s are some of the less random ones but still need some work which I left up to the readers. But this one gives the main points if somewhat twisted. For those that didn’t get “so live with it” that was the point of giving you the translation raw. A Q&A can take 3 people an entire evening. Just my way of taking a little poke at the translation Gestapo.

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