Yuri Pasholok’s Q&A: 08/06/2016


Here is the Yuri Pasholok’s Q&A. Thanks to everyone that provided the Qs and thanks to Yuri for his time. šŸ™‚


MIZUTAYIO: Are there any interesting Swiss vehicles?

At the moment, there are more “no” than “yes”.
In my opinion, Swiss should have a separate nation, I know a lot of interesting tanks and self-propelled guns, including “paper panzers”. Unlike theĀ Czechoslovakians, the Swiss have a good tier 10 Medium Tank, the Panzer 61 and Panzer 68.Not paper and long service history.
The Biggest problem is that Swiss is an unknown -tanking- nation, it’s sad but its true. TheĀ Czechoslovakians have the LT vz.35 and LT vz.38 which are famous tanks with long combat history while Swiss tanks are unknown to many people. That’s a problem…
But not a final word.


SLAKRRRRRR: What information on the French ā€œChar 25tā€ vehicles and variants have been discovered in archives?

EU historians have found a fewĀ Batignolles-ChĆ¢tillon projects in the French archives. They are interesting but the initial project was a 12-t class Light Tank, almost the same as the AMX 12-t. First drawings dated October of 1947.

LaterĀ Batignolles-ChĆ¢tillon redesigned this project into 25-t Tank, the drawings dated summer of 1953. Different hull but the turret is almost the same as the final version. 24,7 tonnes, 30 mm of maximum armor, SOFAM 500-hp engine and 65 km/h as top speed.


FASTESTCLASSIC:Ā If the Strv 103 (with hydropneumatic suspension) is implemented as the tier 9/10 Swedish tank, will tanks like the STB-1 receive their historical hydropneumatic suspension as well (in the STBā€™s case, accompanied by a gun depression nerf to make it historical)?

Well, it’s possible and we are keeping this STB-1 (Type 74) suspension feature. I can be a nice addition to this tank.


RAZ: What variants, if any, were planned or at least proposed for the E-10, E-25, E-50, E-75, and E-100 vehicles?

Not variants but competitors. E-100 was a competitor of MAUS.
E-50/E-75… we have found a project ofĀ Rheinmetall suspension (SurinĀ style, like on the LT.vz.38) for Tiger II/Panther.Ā The turret race for E-50 and E-75 projects were the same size for both vehicles so that the turrets for either design could be mounted on either vehicle even though the armaments were different. The turrets in question are a mystery at this time with very little information on the features and the final designs are not known.
On the E-25… a few weeks ago I made an article about the E-25 and its competitors:http://warspot.ru/6039-bumazhnye-istrebiteli-tankov-v-srednem-vese

We have found one serious historical bug. In fact, AA turret belonged to the Porsche project. E-10 – Porsche projects are competitors. And the Jagdpanzer 38 (d) is a more realistic project.
Also, remember: All E-series projects were ended already by early 1945. The time “for toys” was over.


WULF CORBETT: Any progress on multi-gun tanks? If anyone is still working on it, will it affect existing tanks, like the Churchill I, M3 Lee, etc?

I don’t have any information about this feature at the moment.

ZOMBIETROPA:Ā A couple more questions. I remember reading an article by Nicholas Moran a while ago about how he thought it was sad that tanks in museums tend not to fire their guns and go full pelt across the terrain, making the comparison with classic cars that still get driven. What are your thoughts on this?

Well, it’s not a big problem. In Russia we have two types of shooting:

-Full imitation, uses shells with a small charge. Realistic but really dangerous, 10 years ago the”long shot” killed my friend Dmitry Shumakov. He had used the same shell as in Panzer IVs, apparently the shell didn’t work, he opened the breech and…

-Pyro imitation, looks less realistic, you can only do 1-2 shots but it’s safe.

HOKUM: Any chance to see the following in game?The FV301, FV302, TV15000(Scorpion prototype), FVRDE 1963 Concept 105mm, FV432 with 30mm RARDEN, Spaced Armour Conqueror?

Some vehicles on this list are being worked or in plans but I can’t give you full information at the moment, it’s NDA.

VTALONV: Short and sweet. Wargaming stated they would like to replace the VK 45.02 A and VK 45.02 B. The first being a fake and the second having unhistorical armor. What historical tanks could fill theses positions?

First and second tank are not a fake. You can read about the Porsche Typ 180 tanks in Jentz/Doyle book about the Tiger II.

But I’m not satisfied with the current data for the VK 45.02 A/B. In reality, they have 80 mm of frontal armor while in-game they have 200 mm. I know it’s just a game but it’s better to find a more correct/proper project.

COUNTERMAN: Why MT-25 can’t have historical top speed ? It should be 100 km/h instead of just 72 km/h.

It’s the current game engine’s limit.

STEVEN PARRY: Did the Hellkitty actually have a 90 mm mounted or was that a balance issue?

No, it’s Ā an experimental vehicle with M36 GMC turret and gun.

ANONYMOUS: Why did you choose the E-100 turret that we know in-game instead of the Maus turret we see on the models and mockups, along with War Thunderā€™s E-100?

The “Historical” turret was, in fact, the turret from the Tiger-MAUS, Ā dated by theĀ end of 1942. The E-100 is a redesigned Tiger-MAUS with different road wheels and suspension, made by Adler. the Tiger-MAUS turret is not the same as the MAUS turret. The commander’s hatch was eliminated in the spring of 1943, the same thing happened to the 15 cm L/37 gun.

In the spring of Ā 1944, Krupp made a project of a new turret for the E-100. More simplistic, rangefinder was added and with different gun mount. This new turret was based on the “MAUS II Turm” with reduced side armorĀ (80 mm).

I wrote an article about the E-100 design, including the story about the turret:Ā http://warspot.ru/4562-sotyy-lishniy

About WT… well… the guys need to learn history and read the correct books, including Panzertracts 6-3. Thanks to Jentz and Mr Doyle for the nice series of books with tonnes of new information.

SILVIO I: Is it possible to add another partial US arty line from tiers 8-10 made up of the M109 155mm (tier 8), M107 175mm (Tier 9), and M110 203mm (Tier 10).

Do you REALLY need more arty? šŸ˜€

SILVIO I: Will a Prototype M60A2 (m60a1e1) be added? I say Prototype so it doesnā€™t have techy stuff that would prevent it from coming into the game.

No, we can’t add tanks with rockets launchers to the game. As you know, T49 with the same gun was used in WoT as a howitzer imitation. I’m not sure about vehicles with an absolute new gameplay. Better to add them in another game, WoT is already OK without rockets.




DK: We know only Kirovets 1 was planned with 30mm side skirts. Photographs of ID-3 clearly show sheet metal that’s been rusted through, 5mm or less. Why does IS-3 have the 30mm sides?

IS-3 armor and Kirovets 15 mm skirts:


That’s all for now folks, more Q&As will come, just invited another person for the next one which have said yes, will be giving you more details soon enough.


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